JK Rowling’s best story yet

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Harry Potter is a wonder, I love it deeply. And her other myriad of stories are gripping and clever. But I recently realised… JK Rowling’s greatest story is simply the story of JK Rowling.

We all know it, see. We all know she was a single Mum, writing on napkins in a cafe. We know the whole idea just came to her, fully formed. We are all on her side; a poor, single Mum, winning against the machine, living the full American dream from her house in Edinburgh. I could tell you a lot less detail about most other authors I read.

Of course, it makes no mention of her being a graduate. Of her evident extensive knowledge of classics. That wouldn’t quite fit the story; helpless single Mum against the world.

And, of course, when the next books came around, she needed a new story. We don’t believe she needs our help any more. So the pen name, the leak; poor JK trying to escape publicity. It’s pretty clever, I’ve got to say.

And I’m not saying it’s not true – I do genuinely believe she’s a great person, and didn’t want the leak to happen, etc, etc. But it’s also great, great press.

Good story, JK.

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