How to get the very latest books free! (or very cheaply on kindle)

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Books, and especially the new ones, can be expensive! This week I’ve worked out a couple of ways to get the best and newest books at affordable prices – like, free. In short, I’ve signed up to a reviewing site and worked out a formula for kindle….


Pictured is my first free book from Bookbridgr!! If you’re a book blogger (and in the UK or Ireland), sign up and you can request the latest and upcoming books to read and review. And they LITERALLY send you a free book through the post!

Red Rising, by Pierce Brown, is due out on the 25th September. I’m so excited to read it! Stated to be a bit like The Hunger Games & Ender’s Game, and with a film deal signed already, sounds like it’s tipped to be the next big thing – though I’ll save my judgement until I’ve read it. Obviously.

Kindle tip

Amazon have a thing where their price for a book will always be lower than anywhere else. And then there also seems to also be a rule that the kindle price will be a couple of pounds less than that. So all you have to do is look out for good deals on the books you want – so if a shop is selling it for a special £5 price, on amazon it might be £4.97, and on kindle £1.80.

This week I used this trick to get The Goldfinch for £2 and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves for £1.75.

It’s perhaps not something to do all the time (I also bought two full price books from an actual bookshop this week, and actual bookshops are awesome) but a great deal! I also love libraries and second hand bookshops – but they’re less good at the latest titles. Expect reviews for all the above coming soon…

2 thoughts on “How to get the very latest books free! (or very cheaply on kindle)

  1. There’s also a site called ereaderIQ which shows price drops on Amazon:

    It’s possible to create an account and get email alerts when particular books are discounted. It’s the reason I have 81 books in my Kindle’s TBR folder. *le sigh*

    And if you’re a Book Blogger: NetGalley and Edelweiss supply ARCs, which is nice. :D

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