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My very talented pal had a great idea for a film – and if you vote she might get to make it!

Beautiful young Esther is forcibly married to the mullah of the biggest mosque in Tehran, but when her cousin takes her to a house-church she converts to Christianity, becoming guilty of apostasy. When she overhears a plot to kill the Christians who have become her people she must decide whether to risk her life to save them.

Watch her Pitch and vote here: Enter the Pitch

If she wins she’ll get £25,000 to make the film with a film crew! It’s a competition for adaptations of Bible stories in films – and I think my friend Crissy’s idea is excellent.

The book of Esther is the story of a young woman who is chosen to be the new queen because of her beauty, but when a bitter advisor convinces the King to exterminate the Jews she risks her life to plead with the King to save them. She’s one of the Bible’s strongest female figures, and her story is inspiring and exciting.

I think the story of Esther would translate across time to Crissy’s idea incredibly well, bringing alive the real danger that the Jews faced in the story and that people face today. It would also tie into interest in shows like Homeland and An Honourable Woman, exploring the impact of history and religion on people’s actions. And Crissy works with Christians in the Middle East in situations like this, so she has a real insight into that world, which would be intriguing in itself.

Go and vote, please!

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