My top FIVE books of 2014

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Happy New Year! Hope you had a great Christmas and festive season. I spent at least a part of mine ruminating on which books should be included on this list. And I’ve finally come up with the goods.

I enjoyed a LOT of books last year, but these are the ones that were the most memorable and enjoyable, and the ones I’d pick for someone to read. You know, if the someone was like me. These are in no particular order:


1. We are all completely beside ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler.

I really loved this. Explorations of thought, memory, childhood and a whole lot more in a captivating narrative, plus excellent twists, title and cover.

Read my full review here.


2. The Princess Bride, William Goldman

I am still surprised that I’d not read this before now. If you’ve not, go and read. Full of crazy adventure, hilarious antics, marvellous characters and ridiculous plots. Also, it fooled me…

Read my full review here.


3. The Snow Child, Eowyn Ivey

This is one of my favourites of the last few years, and I think will turn out to be one of the best ever. Stunning writing, atmosphere and a bewitching story. Just WONDERFUL!

Read my full review here.


4. The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton

This was my first ever reviewed book on this blog! And it was tremendously long, and great. Entrancing story lines interweaving and characters. I didn’t like all of it but overall it was great!

Full review here.


5. Love and Treasure, Ayelet Waldman

This was a beautiful book, with three great interweaving story lines, exploring some fascinating times and places of the world. I really enjoyed it.

Full review here.

Thanks everyone who has read and followed and commented over 2014 – you are all brilliant! And thank you to bookbridgr and net galley and all the publishers who have marvellously sent me books. It feels like a dream come true!

I got a whole load of new and exciting books for Christmas and my birthday so lots more reviews coming soon…

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