A rather good radio play – as they go. Gaiman and Pratchett’s Good Omens on BBC radio.

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Due to human error, both the angels and demons responsible lose track of the anti-Christ, meaning he grows up in ignorance of his destiny. As the time for the apocalypse draws near and the horsemen gather, angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley search for him in an attempt to save the world they have grown fond of, Adam becomes aware of his destiny and witch hunters, mediums and more are drawn to a remote village in the countryside – all according to the nice prophecies of Agnes Nutter.

I read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett a long while ago, and really enjoyed it. Sadly I’d borrowed the copy from someone and so my inclination to re-read was curbed, UNTIL I found that it was being produced as a radio play over Christmas!

It’s a marvellous book. Somehow the combination of these two marvellous writers works tremendously and produces a hilarious, gripping and unexpected work that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’d recommend it to either of their fans and other people too!

But radio plays…. are often terrible! I really wish this wasn’t the case, but I am usually left wishing someone had just read out the book rather than dramatising it. I fairly often listen to them when I have a headache and can’t bear to look at anything, but am usually disappointed. Reducing something to dialogue seems to take out a lot of subtlety, and I think actors and actresses have to work so hard to convey the meaning that the lines often seem exaggerated.

But FOR a radio play, this one was good. I did get vaguely confused between people some of the time, but generally I could tell what was going on and got the general gist of the story. There were some superb actors and actresses in there: Mark Heap and Peter Serafinowics lead as the angel and demon, and were probably the best in there.

The general ridiculousness was well put through – but I think because there is such a large cast and so much going on it was hard to keep track of when doing other things at the same time… which I invariably am. So perhaps it is my fault?

I’d definitely recommend reading it first but it’s worth a listen too!

I think there are about two days left to listen to it – find it online here!

I have been advised that Serial the podcast is actually the way to go for listening to things, so that’s what I’ll try next…

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