Writing with pals – stuff that helps me actually write stuff!

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So, I’m writing a novel. I’ve always always wanted to write, and have got tonnes of snippets, a load of half done things and a few finished pieces (you can read some of them here). But even though it’s what I’ve dreamed of my whole life – still sometimes it’s really hard to make myself do.

One of the best things I’ve found is to find other people who like to write, and just do it together. It means you’re setting aside time to do it, and because there’s someone else there you actually have to do it rather than get on with the million other things that always need to be done.

Crissy (pictured) and I have known each other for thirteen years now. We used to write long stories together with our other friends at school but now we both are working on projects that are a bit more serious! We’re meeting each month to write – this was our first one last Saturday. I’ve done it before with various friends and it has always worked out so well for me.

Of course, being very old friends we have a lot to talk about, so that happened too, but still I got a good half a chapter done…

So that’s my writing tip. Write with friends!

4 thoughts on “Writing with pals – stuff that helps me actually write stuff!

  1. Ohh God its amazing to have the opportunity to write with friends. I’ve also wanted to write something of my own, a finished novel even though it isn’t going to be published. Like you, all of my work is unfinished but I hope that some day I’ll get to finish them.
    Give us a sneak peek of your work. It’d be amazing. Have a nice day xx

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