Guys, what am I missing with Goodreads?

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On embarking upon this book blogging journey I thought oh I should really pay some more attention to Goodreads. And I have… minutely. But I’ve been pretty disappointed so far.

I’ve clicked on a few hundred books I’ve read. I’ve probably connected to all the people that I can. I’ve occasionally marked which book I’m reading. I might even have posted a review or two. But thus far it has added precisely nothing to my life bar a buzzing irritation that maybe I just don’t get this.

Presumably the idea is I see what my friends are reading so think oh maybe I’ll read it too? But I get that already on blogs that I read…

I’m not totally opposed to the idea (and in fact have just signed up to which seems to be, er, kind of the same) but wanted to know if I AM missing something? Guys? Anyone? What’s the point?

7 thoughts on “Guys, what am I missing with Goodreads?

  1. I don’t really get Goodreads, either. I think people like the discussion groups a lot but I find the friends feed difficult to keep up with. I tend to keep my account mainly for ARC reviews and looking up books I’m thinking of buying.

    I like Booklikes which is basically Blogger but aimed at books. The book database itself is a bit shonky but it’s very much a work in progress with new features introduced weekly. It’s also a lot easier to keep up with other people and what they are reading as well as the conversations in the comments section. I post updates and shorter stuff on my Booklikes blog and put the proper reviews on my Blogger blog.

  2. I personally use Goodreads to check out the reviews on a specific book and not what my friends reading.
    As for the Booklike, I don’t get it at all. I made an account ages ago but couldn’t keep up.
    Have I told you how much I enjoy your photos?
    P.S I’m hosting a giveaway if you like to enter x

  3. I originally found and signed up for goodreads because I wanted a way to refer to the books I read on my blog without sending people to a shop (mainly Amazon). This was because I’m writing a post consumer “don’t force selling and owning stuff down peoples throats” etc. Shortly after joining and beginning to use goodreads, I found out that they were bought out by… … Amazon! Oh well, you’ve gotta try!

    I like the site because, even though it is owned by Amazon, you can concentrate on the books and the people, but it doesn’t give me a huge amount more than the bogs I read. I mainly use it to keep a list of books I want to read once I’ve finished the ones I’ve got!

  4. I’m afraid I only know properly how to use Goodreads Quotes section for my blog o.O and as my TBR shelf…
    Thing is that there is so much going on Goodreads, clubs and networking and you should like what others read and write the book you are reading and participate in discussions and all…it takes so much time o.O

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