Seven books I forgot about: what I’m reading next!

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Many of these books arrived in my house in quick succession by post last week! (Thanks Bookbridgr!) Without exception I had forgotten requesting them, but I am nevertheless excited to get stuck in. I’m currently in the calm of having finished several books, so have to select which one to start with…

You’ll see I’ve still not got round to Moran’s How to Build a Girl – I think I’m a bit worried it’s going to be too serious – or Smiler’s Fair – largely because of this review which didn’t make me very excited.

But they’re all coming up soon! And also reviews for Suffragette, A Tale for the Time-Being, some Real! Teen! Reviews! and author interviews!

2 thoughts on “Seven books I forgot about: what I’m reading next!

  1. How to Build a Girl is great (and definitely not serious) although it is fairly explicit. In a very educational way.

    I see Black Lake in your pile: that one is also terrific. It’s quiet and unshowy and deserves more attention.

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