FIVE reasons YOU should join a book club!

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It has long been a dream of mine to be a part of a book club… and after a couple of failed attempts, now I am. One of my cousin’s friends posted on Facebook talking about her London book club, I asked to join, and I did. And it’s great!

If you’re not already a part of one, here are five quick reasons to find and join a book club:

1. Make new friends.

This is always good, right? Plus you already know that these people like reading, so you’ve got something good to talk about already.

2. Read new books.

Unless you are a dictator and go to your own book club it’s likely that you’ll read things that you wouldn’t have read otherwise. Which is interesting!

3. Hear new opinions.

Other people in my book club have ALWAYS noticed something in the book that I didn’t, or have a different perspective which opens it up to me in a new way.

4. Talk about books.

Pretty obvious right? But really it’s quite rare to have a group of people who have all read the same books and want to talk about them, and it’s great.

5. Cake.

All good book clubs should have cake.


If you’re in London and would like to join the Kahaila book club that I go to let me know! It’s pretty awesome.

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