I never thought I’d need a reading break!

Book Thoughts


Last week, after the disappointment of Smiler’s Fair and after having read a fair few books at the same time, I suddenly found myself loath to open another cover.

HOW STRANGE! I really, really love reading and it has always been one of the best ways for me to relax and unwind. At university I was usually reading three novels a week to keep up with lectures etc – and it was brilliant!

Even then, though, I’d often break out of the syllabus and re-visit old favourites mid-term, but I don’t think I’ve experienced this before. A week and a half later, I’ve started the marvellously titled The Mountain Can Wait and the first Poldark… but I’m taking it easy.

Meanwhile I’ve been using time to gorge on netflix guilty pleasure Once Upon a Time, a silly, very derivative but extremely fun series playing with fairytales.

Have you ever had to have a break from reading? Did you find it easy to pick up again? Any tips?

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