Book-lover problems – how the BBC forced me to read Poldark

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BBC’s new adaptation of Poldark has been getting great reviews. And I really like that sort of thing. So obviously I’d watch it…

EXCEPT! How could I possibly watch it without having read it first? Somewhat reluctantly I bought the first book for kindle, and embarked upon a journey. It was pretty good, and the review is coming soon – but I’m amazed that I let a TV show force me into reading something!

One of my friends who is named Verity for Verity Poldark has been going on about the series for about ten years, so I always knew I’d probably read it someday. But here I was press ganged into reading it from pure and simple FOMO.

I want to be able to know the original first; to compare and contrast the two, to experience the story and characters in the way they were first meant to be encountered.

Have you ever had this problem? Which books have films or TV forced you to read?

PS The photo is relevant because it was taken in Cornwall. Where Poldark is set. See?


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