“Why do you let me read books when the sequel isn’t available for ages?!” Zöe raves about Akarnae! #REALTEENREVIEWS

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I caught Zöe when she was ill at home from school one day and forced her to read this book – which I’d just finished and I loved. It’s about 16 year old Alex, who finds herself transported to a magical world and mysterious school instead of the more normal boarding school her parents meant to send her to. It’s great, and the author Lynette and her blog are awesome too!

Anyway. These were the first thoughts I got from my ailing sister:




So safe to say, she liked it. Much later, on Zöe’s 16th birthday, we even managed an interview, though it was a long time since either of us read the book …

What did you think?



It was an incredible story and I was hooked from the first second! Though there are lots of teenage books about a teen girl going off to a school this one had so many differences. In a similar way to Harry Potter – but still unique!

Did you like Alex, the main character? Why?

Yes I did! She was quite relatable and relatively confused, I feel she could have had a more realistic reaction – sometimes things were just explained to her and she took it really easily and probably should have been in a bit more shock – which would have made it more relatable, but it was really really well done.

What were some of your favourite elements of the story?

I loved the friendships she had, they seemed really real – I can relate them to friendships I have with people, they seem to have so much fun and I love that, I really love that!

I also loved Bear’s family, they were a kind of Weasley family which slightly upset me because it was quite similar but actually I still loved it!

Did you like the way the mystery unfolded?

Definitely! I cannot wait to see what’s coming! It’s a really fascinating story, and it does make you want to stay in that world, just as Alexandra wants to.

Would you recommend it?

I would definitely recommend it, and have already to several of my friends. It had an encouraging view of courage and faith in things working out in the end, and in friendship – it showed true relationships rather than broken material relationships that are based on material gain or common interest – they are based on mutual respect which is incredible. It’s so encouraging and lovely – I know it might sound like everyone’s having fun and it’s not it’s really tense and has some gruesome and fearsome moments! But it’s not a book you can’t read if you’re in a bad mood.

Did you like the world it was set in?

The parallel universe idea is amazing, I’ve always loved it from when I was little, and playing with the idea is great and this interpretation is really fun! I love the way magic and technology work in the world – though I’m looking forward to some more explanations. Creating your own science is really impressive and I’d love to see more of that!

We read my review. What did you think? 

Yeah the super cute super hot super funny thing was a bit annoying, and it was refreshing that there wasn’t a romance … though I think it’s coming and I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to it?

 Oooh okay! So which guy are you gunning for?

I really like the idea of the new guy who is in the same class as her for fighting combat…. But I think she’ll end up with Jordan, the rich guy! Because she has the emotional strength to help him through his differences with his parents. And I think Bear is going to go out with one of the two cousins.

Who would YOU go out with?

I don’t know.

That’s not an acceptable answer.

Er. Bear sounds like he’d be great for hugs so I’m going to say Bear.

That’s what we’ve got! I think maybe we need to make our esteemed mother read this one too. But seriously, read this one!

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