Writing tips: if you’ve no time to scribble get your mind buzzing

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Sometimes I don’t have time to write. Even five minutes. But with this tip you can make progress on whatever it is you are scribbling without even committing a word to paper or screen!

I’ve found that if even once in a week I engage with the thing I’m writing, whether blog or fiction, things for church or whatever, by reading back a paragraph, having a look at my plans or having a quick wonder on a bus, the rest of the week I will find myself quietly and frequently having ideas pop up out of nowhere.

Which mean that when I come to actually do some writing, it’s much easier! Of course, it helps to note the ideas down as otherwise they may well get forgotten – I carry a tiny notebook, or often will just put notes on my phone.

I always find that I can write things much better after they’ve been swirling around in my head for a few days. Even if I change all the ideas that I had a thousand times!

So there you are! Even if you don’t have time to sit and scribe make contact with your text and you’ll find it easier next time you do!

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5 thoughts on “Writing tips: if you’ve no time to scribble get your mind buzzing

  1. Yep, I have to write a presentation for work every now and then. I find the best way to work is:-
    1. Plan to take about 3 days to write something great
    2. Do loads of other work (but like you say, I am secretly thinking about the presentation)
    3. When it gets to the last possible moment to write the thing before it’s too late, out it all pops :)

    Disclaimer: this is not actually the way to write anything, it is just the way life is sometimes…

  2. Yeah, sometimes that works and sometimes I have this brilliant idea that will change the universe. So I built a couple of houses then helped a friend work on restoring a classic car from the ground up, aaaand figured out why cats don’t like dogs. Then I listened to you and wrote it all down on my phone. One problem is I saved it and then promptly knocked it in the toilet.

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