When do you stop reading?

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I’m stubborn, and very very rarely abandon a book. In fact, I can think of only four that I did not complete in the history of my reading, though I’m sure there are more. But the book I’m reading now is pretty boring. I’ll finish it, because I’m almost through, but it made me wonder.

What makes you give up on a book? For me, gratuitous violence and/or sex scenes, (like in Smiler’s Fair) or just being completely disengaged and bored by the characters and story (Robinson Crusoe) seem to have been the reasons. But usually I still persevere!

How about you?

9 thoughts on “When do you stop reading?

  1. For me, if I’m struggling 10-15% of the way in, it’s time to drop it. Interesting question! Thanks for sharing. If you’re ever interested in some great book reviews and musings, be sure to follow! Thanks!

      1. It is quick. There are too many books out there to waste time on ones you might think are lesser quality. The way I see it, if the book doesn’t grab you 15% of the way in, it probably won’t.

  2. I tend to stop a book if I get bored too but will often pick it up again a few months later and read another couple of chapters to see if it gets interesting. I’m kind of all or nothing with books though If it grabs me i’ll read it in a couple of days (and nights) if it doesn’t it’ll take me a while longer. I did manage Robinson Crusoe though when I was a teenager. Don’t know what kept me going through that one.

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