The Globe and the Bard strike again – fantastic cheap London theatre!

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We went to the Globe! This is one of my very, very favourite things to do in London. You can get tickets to stand in the Yard for just £5, which puts you right in the middle of the action. From the enthusiastic staff to the exquisite theatre and watching the sky darken above you as the play unfolds, in all it makes a totally magical experience.

We saw The Merchant of Venice, which I’d never seen live before. It was a fantastic production with great performances and imagination, impressive staging and great moments. This play shows Shakespeare’s incredible ability to combine what is a terribly serious and sad topic – Shylock’s story – with silly and fun love stories, and not really to any story’s detriment.

It was interesting seeing the play slightly adapted for modern times, however. The last scene was changed; so that instead of ending happily with the lovers we saw Shylock’s forced baptism with a full set of people and singers in clerical garb. It was uncomfortable, and left a very different flavour than I’m sure it would have used to be. But perhaps more uncomfortable, to make no sort of comment on the awkward situation?

All the actors were excellent, some of them had faces that I recognised, and I really enjoyed seeing another play I’d studied come to life. I can’t recommend The Globe more highly!

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