Real London Adventures: Hidden City Treasure hunts

literary london, London

Hidden City Treasure hunts text you clues, sending you racing around both well known and well hidden mysteries of London, solving cryptic clues and racing other teams past and present to be the quickest to the final destination.

I have done three of these treasure hunts now, and they are JUST BRILLIANT. From the moment the first clue comes you feel like you’re in a Dan Brown novel, following mysterious clues against the clock!

Plus you find lots of facts, places and mysteries that you would never see otherwise. We did one last week, and came across the underground remains of a Roman Amphitheatre which I didn’t know existed, a beautiful gardens commemorating and detailing people who died risking their lives for others and dipping into the wonders of the Museum of London. Each time I’ve done it I’ve been wowed and inspired!

The clues are great too! I like the harder trails; they can leave you flummoxed for a while but usually you find the clue somewhere. The best is when you’re competing against other teams that you know at the time, but going against the leader board is fun too!

And also they give you breaks and suggestions of places to go to eat or drink – which was how we found Steak & Co in Leicester Square where they bring you a raw steak and very hot stone so you can cook it how you want it. Mmmm.

It’s the perfect way to have fun, engage your brain, get competitive and find out more about your city. Check out Hidden City! I’ve been telling everyone about it – my sister did it for her birthday and loved it!

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