My top 3 online writing advice sources!

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So will usually read any kind of article that is giving writing advice! Really in the end, most of them disagree with each other and probably you need to find a way that works for you – but I still can’t stop reading them! Here are three of my favourite places to find advice:

1. Twitter account John Winokur @AdviceToWriters

Posting quotes from different authors, pithy, interesting and sometimes contradictory. Quick and easy writers fuel!

2. Writers Digest blog/website

Posting author interviews, writing advice and lots of publishing advice. Largely American so occasionally not accurate for me but still useful!

3. IdeasTap website

This is closing! No! It was a great website designed to give advice, jobs, grants and ideas to creative young people. It’s joining with some other thing next, but I will certainly miss it’s current form!

What are your favourite places? I’d love to hear of some more!

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