The five books I’m taking on holiday (I can’t wait!)

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After finally getting through my epic pile of books – and a good few more along the way – I found that I was approaching my holiday with nothing to read! Oh no! Cue a trip to get hold of some exciting books to accompany my travels… here’s what I’m reading and why I’m excited!

1. The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Richard Flanagan

On our long road to sunny France I’ll be delving into the Man Booker Prize winner of 2014! I can’t remember what it’s about but it’s always exciting to see what the fuss is about – and the title would have grabbed me anyway. I like North!

2. The Museum of Things Left Behind – Seni Glaister

Again, this is one I’ve certainly heard a fair amount about but can’t remember it – which is a good thing! Another great title; apparently it’s about a picturesque village left behind by civilisation and the tensions that brings… sounds great. And also reminiscent of the museum in Station 11 by Emily Mandel, which is probably another big factor in why I’ve got it!

3. A Time to Kill – John Grisham (Audiobook)

We’ve got a long journey, and my challenge for such times is to find something that me and Aidan, my less-keen-on-books husband will both enjoy. John Grisham is always good, right? We had a bit of a disaster with a John Le Carre book last year – but I think it was the BBC radio adaptation rather than anything else. We’ll also be finishing off Serial, an extremely excellent podcast that has made me more excited about podcasts than anything else. Seriously, listen to it.

4. All the Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

Again, a great title. I skimmed the description for this one – looks like historical wartime with two very interesting characters whose stories become one. There are elements (i.e. a tiny model town) that are reminiscent of Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist, and that made me extra curious to find out if something similar or totally different will occur.

5. The Next Poldark book – Winston Graham

So after reading seven Poldark books in quick succession I weaned myself off in order to read the other books that I should be – but holiday is a time for fun! I’m looking forward to jumping back into the adventures and dramas of the characters I’ve come to know so well!

I may add to the list depending on what arrives on my doorstep this week… but I’m super excited to be on holiday! Woohoo! What are your holiday reads this year?

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