Five things I love about writing a book blog (because I missed by blog birthday!)

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 SO I just discovered that my first ever blog post was on the 12th June 2014. I had thought it was later but never mind. I have been blogging for over a year! It took me a few months of considering before I took the plunge, but I can remember starting to write and an excitement and enjoyment starting to bubble inside me. It’s been an incredible adventure and I am constantly excited about what is happening next.

Here are five of the things I love about writing this book blog:

1. Coming to a conclusion on books I have read

Writing a review forces you to not only read the book but come up with an opinion. I have loved being able to conclude and present my final opinion on a book. It usually takes me a week or so after finishing it and my having read another book to feel I’ve achieved enough distance to do it – and it’s interesting how the lasting impressions are different to those precisely when you’ve finished.

2. Finding out about new books

Both from reading other people’s blogs and from being a member of the amazing Bookbridgr and Netgalley (from where, magically, I often even get them free) and just engaging more with the publishing world on twitter etc I’m a lot more informed about what’s coming out. And much more likely to read them too!

3. Hearing of people reading books that I love

Probably the best thing ever is when people read books because of my review, and love them too. It makes me extraordinarily happy. It’s kind of the reason I do this after all!

4. The discipline of having to write posts

Because I’m endlessly competitive, I’m compelled to keep writing new posts to keep my stats rising. And trying to write book reviews to be compelling and different to each other is no mean feat – and one which I am very aware I do not always achieve. But it’s great because it MAKES me write!

5. Being part of the book world

Every blogger, publicist, author, reader, writer who I have connected with in any way at all – it has been a complete privilege, thank you! It’s a real thrill to be even the smallest part of an industry that I love, to interview authors, read books and read other people’s thoughts. It’s just marvellous!

Thanks so much to everyone who has read, followed, liked, retweeted, inspired me and hopefully who has been inspired to read or write over the last year. Here is year two!

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