Five easy ways to read more books!

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One of the main comments I get from blogging is: ‘you read so much!’  Which is often followed by: ‘I don’t have time to read’ or ‘I wish I had time to read.’ Really, I think the two things that help me are that 1. I actually do REALLY want to read, so make time to do it, and 2. I read really quickly.

But I do read more now that I have a blog, and have had to find ways to fit it into my life. Here are five easy ways to get more reading into your life!

1. Place books around your life

One of the first things is to make books easily accessible. You’re much more likely to read something if it’s by your bed, or in your bag, or even on your kindle app on your phone, rather than hiding away on a bookshelf. Make it easy for yourself!

2. Read in short bursts

Reading doesn’t have to be scholarly, serious, boring or long. In the five minutes waiting for a bus when you read twitter or check instagram, you could read a few pages of a book. I know some people find it hard to get into something that quickly – but if you get into it you’re also likely to keep reading later. Bonus!

3. Read stuff you really like

I love reading (most) fiction. I really don’t like biographies. Or management books. Or lots of other things. Find out what you actually like reading and read that! For me, I still prefer it to be slightly bettering and horizon broadening, but there is plenty that I enjoy within that category.

4. Read with others

Find out what your friends are reading, and read the same. Then you can talk about it, compare notes and be further drawn into the same thing. Borrowing, lending and recommending books is great fun too, as well as seeing different perspectives. You could even join a book club!

5. Set a reading challenge

I don’t do this, but how about setting a goal to read five books this year, or ten, or fifty. Or set up a pile of the books you want to read that you can work through. This puts something specific onto the general ‘I’d like to read more’ and gives you a sense of purpose and achievement at the end.

Do you have any other tips on how to read more? How do you fit it in?

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