This book is like a young girl’s dreams come true – Kit by Marina Fiorato

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Kit’s husband leaves to take the King’s shilling – but Kit isn’t happy to let him go. Dressing up as a boy she joins the army herself to track him down – a journey that takes her far further than she ever imagined but satisfies the adventurer within her. She also gets close to her leader Captain Russ; but when she is discovered gets the chance to help the war effort in a new way – as a woman.

I was delighted to take part in a blog tour for this book, and to post an introduction to it by Marina Fiorato herself. I was even more excited to find that it is based on a true story; though I’m sure this is much elaborated that there was in fact a Kit who lived this life for a long time makes the book all the more exciting. And the story is totally action, drama and scandal-packed, full of colourful characters and individual adventures.

Kit herself is a delightful character. An adventuress at heart who marries a small-town man young, but uses his absconding to the army to make her own adventure, and her own fate. She is intelligent, brave, honourable, strong and swashbuckling (can women be so? This book says yes.) and accompanying her on her adventure is a lot of fun.

The history, adventure and geography explored by the book is vast too. It’s a lot of fun to explore the various settings, characters and situations that Kit finds herself in. Of course, for Kit to be such a key figure in such key events there is a lot of coincidence, but because it’s such a fantastic adventure you don’t mind too much.

There’s a good romance element to it too, which plays out well and not too distractingly from all the adventure and action! This was a pretty long book but if anything I would have liked it to be longer to give her more time for more adventures. This is like the adult version of teenage books like Pirates! by Celia Rees. Mind you, I make that comparison, but don’t know if I’ve actually ever read Pirates! Quite like Pirates of the Carribean at least!

I thoroughly enjoyed this whole book, and look forward to re-reading it one day!

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