Colleen Houck’s Reawakened – a new teen book that ISN’T a dystopia!!

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Liliana Young goes to the Metropolitan Museum to do some thinking – but ends up waking Amon, an ancient Egyptian sun prince – far from home, with a mission and now magically bonded to her. She is drawn across the sea to Egypt and into his destiny – to revive his brothers and defeat the evil god Seth in a pacy, adrenaline filled adventure – all whilst trying to battle her growing attraction to a certain gorgeous sun god…

Part of the reason I picked this up is because it’s a YA book that is NOT a dystopia! Gosh! In fact… it is referencing the past! Gasp! I think I imagined it was going to go back in time, but it didn’t and it didn’t matter. Despite the slightly awkward title, it was a lot of fun, rife with conspiracy and fun Egyptian-ness!

Lilliana is a pretty good character. She’s a rich kid with pressure from her parents who always does what she should, but this isn’t allowed to take up very much of the book as she’s soon whisked into the adventure and left to deal with her hormones and the general danger. She isn’t very concerned about her parents worrying about her – but Amon promises to magic her back to the time she left so I guess it makes sense.

The adventure has a lot going for it. It started with some fun, alien-to-New-York moments with the newly awakened Amon, then there was a lot of action, exciting explorations and intriguing additional characters. I was gripped throughout and thoroughly enjoyed myself! There was one plot strand suggested that seemed to get dropped – but I wonder if it has been left for book two…

The romance element was probably my least favourite; but then which teenage girl magically bonded to a gorgeous ancient sun god/prince (never quite sure…) isn’t going to fall for him? Dramatically? And think about it all the time? She’s quite forthright about it, which

A good, refreshing and enjoyable read. Thanks Colleen Houck! I’ll try to get my teen sister to read and review this one too, though she informs me she has far too many books on her TBR shelf already… (atta girl)

I was provided with this review copy by wonderfully generous publishers Hodder and Stoughton in exchange for a brutally honest review.

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