Following Alice Underground – my most magical, bizarre, amazing theatre experience ever!

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I’ve been wanting to see Alice Underground for a very long time. Hearing people who had been rave about it made me finally bite the bullet, and get tickets for last week. They were £35, which is a lot to spend on an evening out – but they were totally worth it and more. The show is only on until the end of THE WEEK – if you’re in London and can go you MUST!

It’s difficult to review this show without giving things away that are far too special to spoil. But the whole experience was utterly fantastic. The theatre company produced a maze of stunning sets to explore, exciting characters to encounter and magical happenings to experience. From trapeze to song, spying to cooking, punning to growing and shrinking, this show was packed full of magical surprises that kept you constantly looking round each corner for what might just happen next. I spent the whole time wandering around with a smile on my face!

Though wandering is perhaps unfair. Each audience (entering at 15 minute intervals) is split into four groups who each have a distinctive and separate storyline, which is incredibly well stage managed: you spot the other groups being whisked through corridors beside you but never lose focus or go off course. And if you were to go again (I wish!) you could have a completely different adventure.

There are so many touches that make it magical. This was my first immersive theatre experience and I’m so glad it was this: a magical, topsy turvy world where anything could happen! Attention to detail was incredible: even the tiniest of corridors that you passed by in seconds were intricately decorated. The setting itself was amazing too – a hidden world it took us a while to find underneath Waterloo station.

My friend and I were also lucky enough to be invited to the Kings Bar after the performance. After a quick game of flamingo croquet, a whirl in the Wonderland Bar and trip through the maze we found ourselves sipping cocktails and talking, for hours, with a Dodo, the Walrus and a gnat.

After lots of bizarre banter of cabbages and kings we managed to break the fourth wall, and found out some fascinating facts. Such as, the actors swap which roles they play to keep it fresh – our overly-spectacled gnat friend was also the Mad Hatter and a couple of other things. And whilst there a Dodo life drawing class was held, and I won. Please see winning picture below.

I am in complete awe of this production. I would LOVE to be a part of creating something like this: the combination of creativity, magic, story and just very very good planning made this an experience I will never forget. And I feel I have celebrated 150 years of Alice in style. Thank you so much everyone at Les Enfants Terribles!

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