My new idea – coming up on Books for the Trees!



So, I’m due to have a baby on the 9th of October, which is coming up very soon! Though my hope is that I’ll be luxuriously reading novels as I try to keep this baby alive I’m aware that it’s a pretty big deal, and so have come up with a great idea for content while I’m desperately trying to grab every minute of sleep!
I have a lot of awesome friends from school or uni who also love books, and would probably all write extremely good book blogs themselves if they wanted to. But what they have agreed to do is to write a blog post for me, recommending a book that they LOVE! I think it’ll be really interesting to read some more perspectives and I’m hoping to get some good recommendations out of it too! 

So that’s what’s coming up! I’ve told them to do book selfies too so that should be fun..

8 thoughts on “My new idea – coming up on Books for the Trees!

  1. By the way, I can’t remember if I commented on your original post where you mentioned that Baby is coming… but congratulations!!! So exciting!! :-) And remember – it’s *never* too early to start you baby’s book collection!

      1. There are soooo many happy children’s books!! I’m sad about this trend to weird looking ones (in my mind) or ones that seem to focus on things like farting (????) when there are actually ::beautifully:: illustrated stories out there!

        But a classic family favorite is definitely “Once Upon a Golden Apple”. SO ADORABLE.

      2. I agree! I suppose they’re desperately trying to appeal to kids…. There’s a couple I’ve read recently though that are new but still have the old feel….I’ve got services for the wold wilder and in darkling wood on here somewhere.

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