Pleasing rhymes and pictures that say more – This Rabbit, That Rabbit by Jane Porter

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I had a baby! Meet Kezia Grace Roberts, eight weeks old and rather brilliant – and here to tell you all about our favourite book, This Rabbit, That Rabbit, which was one of two books that we were given by The Book Trust, and a constant bedtime favourite.*On first encounter, this books seems to be a rhyming list of rabbits. Each double page spread has two rhyming rabbits with pictures: ie ‘blue rabbit, shoe rabbit.’ The sounds and unexpected pairs of this are amusing enough,  but a closer look at the pictures reveals something more.

The images are bright, bold and fun, with a great contrast to the white background. And on inspection, they reveal that in fact the same two rabbits are shown on each page. These rabbits are in fact playing an intense rhyming word game! They must dress up and rhyme with each other! Oh the fun! As an example of friendship this is superb.

And you wait until the end of the book. Yellow rabbit smashes it!

I’ve also read lots of more grown-up books in the hours and early hours of feeding Kezzy, reviews coming soon!

*She doesn’t care. Or understand. She has no idea. She’s like ‘feed me already!’ But I like it!

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