My ten resolutions for 2016!

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   It’s 2016. Wowzer! Since starting to write my resolutions today I’ve got pretty excited about this year. It’s got a lot of unknown in it, but I have a feeling it’s going to be marvellous! When writing resolutions I choose ones that will make me feel happy, not put on pressure and will inspire me to do awesome things. Some of these are book related, some are not. Here goes! Get my blog going again.

Look, I’m doing this literally AS I WRITE! In the trying-to-survive-my-newborn haze of the end of last year I did very few posts, but I feel like I’m ready to come back at this now. I’ve got a load of books that I read to review, and more lined up to read too. And I’m excited. I love blogging!

Give away 25 books.

I’ve not really thought this through! But one of the things I love is helping people read awesome books, so this is a good challenge. So if you see a (physical) book you like the sound of on my blog comment and I may very well send it to you!

Get an agent for my book.

Last year I fulfilled a life dream by getting a project I’d been working on for years into a definite book shape! It’s in a round of editing by my mother (MUM! Get on with it!) which will no doubt mean a fair amount of work then I’m hoping to start looking for an agent. I don’t know how long the whole things takes, but I feel like hopefully this is a realistic goal!

Wear more hats.

This is my year of the hat.

Wear more lipstick.

I stole this one from my sister.

Eat more fish.

Fish is really good for you! Hoping to learn some new recipes from this too.

Work my brain.

It’s so easy to go through life without ever really focussing or thinking about anything! My blog helps with this, and I intend to read some books that make me think too. 

Tweet more.

As twitter fades (or changes, at least), I suddenly like it more and have more ideas for tweets. We’ll see how this goes but I’m excited!

Write a poem a month.

I really enjoy the process of distilling a thought, idea, moment or feeling into a few beautiful words, and working with the constraints of form, rhyme and rhythm. But I don’t do it very often. There are a few up on my writing page but expect more soon!

Be extremely kind.

Kindness! Wow! It’s so much to fit in a word. More and more I think kindness is just one of the most important things. To give people a break, to make people feel worthwhile, loved, special, cared for. I’ve been overwhelmed by kindness over the last few months as people have helped, bought things, cooked and encouraged Aidan my husband and I as we’ve had some fairly difficult times with our newborn Kezia. I can’t repay it, but I’m inspired. This is a lifelong thing, but I want to up my kindness this year. With words, gifts, actions, cakes, curries, food, smiles, books – whatever!

So – that’s it! Sounds like a pretty exciting year to me! What resolutions do you have?

6 thoughts on “My ten resolutions for 2016!

  1. I always want to wear hats but I am scared of them… I have enough trouble just coordinating tops with bottoms! However, I do have one with a very floppy brim that I wear when I am working on in the yard…maybe I should just wear it everywhere??

    Anyway, I think that hats for women need to make a strong comeback. I love reading older books where getting a new hat for the season is quite the big deal! :-D

      1. haha I feel the same way about scarves… some people seem to be able to wear those floaty scarves and look super trendy and stylish. I’m just not brave enough…!!!!

  2. Planning and writing up resolutions gets me excited as well, and should all your resolutions bear fruit, you’re going to have a fabulous year! Lipstick frightens me, but I do like the look on other people, so I might just snatch that one from you (kudos to your sister!). I wish you good luck in finding an agent, and the happiest of new year 2016!
    (PS. Kezia is such a cute name!)

  3. Nice resolutions!

    I didn’t make any as I always fail them and it depresses me o.O Hmm though wearing more hats and lipstick sounds like something for me haha. I find tweeting a bit difficult, coming up with a good witty clever funny tweet is so hard…

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