A wonderful world to send you to sleep – One Sleepy Night by Sebastian Braun

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As a sleepy star twinkles down from the sky, a little bear watches other animals going home to sleep, before going home for a snuggly sleep itself…
This is a beautiful book that made me want to sleep let alone guest blogger Jemima who was reading it with me, and whose favourite it is.The words and pictures come together to create a lovely, magical, sleepy world.

The words are lyrical, spare and interesting, opening up the worlds of the various animals with aid from the pictures. The picture conjured of a wonderful natural world winding down to sleep is mesmerising and soporific. It rhymes too, but not too obviously, adding to the lulling to sleep.

The illustrations are gorgeous. They have a colouring pencil and print and collage feel, with soft and slightly unfinished edges, making them both accessible to children and creating a slightly softer world, exacerbating the sense of sleep.
The main character of the little bear, who follows us through the story peeping with its mummy or daddy at the animals, is curious, cute and relatable.
All in all this book both conjures a wonderful world with gorgeous touches that also is a brilliant way to calm down and relax before bed. Beautiful – I will be buying Kezia a copy before too long!!

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