Three reasons DK’s Peekaboo! Bedtime is Kezia’s new favourite book

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Big bunny is trying to get everyone to bed but he can’t find any of his friends! Happily Cuddly Ted, Miss Elephant,  Mr Owl and Fluffy Chick pop up in very unlikely places, and everyone can get ready to go to sleep – or will they?

Kezia was given this book a couple of weeks ago – and we LOVE it! She’s almost five months old now and it turns out that is plenty old enough to enjoy this story and to grab for the pop-up bits. Here’s three things we love about the book:

1. The Pop-ups

Each pop-up is exciting, moves in a different way and is really fun to look at. I can just see Kezia trying to work out distances as she watches it. Plus she’s always grabbing for it!

2. Adaptable text

Sometimes Kezia is too distracted to listen to all of the story. But luckily, there are different sections of text so you can easily just choose one type to read, and it still makes sense to Mummy, who cares about that sort of thing. And doesn’t annoy Kezia. Bonus!

3. Fun story formula

Kezia obviously has no idea what is going on in the book yet, but the different types of text lend themselves well to different tones of voice and noises. This means she loves hearing Mummy make all sorts of strange sounds. And I’m sure as she begins to understand it she will only enjoy it more!

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