I’d quite like to live in The Paper Magician series by Charlie N. Holmberg

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The very last material Ceony wanted to be bonded to was paper. How on earth is one meant to do any impressive magic with paper? And her mentor seems less than usual. But as she learns more about magic, about paper and about Emery Thane she realises that things are not quite as they seem, and soon she is drawn into adventure…

I really, really, really enjoyed this series! Hooray! There are three books and I bought them on kindle and devoured them very quickly. I LOVE magic stories and I LOVE paper and paper craft, so the combination of these was a big win for me. Plus Ceony is a pretty good character, the plot is gripping and moves along nicely and they are just thoroughly enjoyable. Hooray!

The concept of the world is simple; those with magic must bind themselves to one man-made material, and can then use this material to make magic. So being a paper magician, Ceony learns folding. Her mentor makes her an origami dog; she makes amazing illusions and there is even a flying paper plane. It’s extremely imaginative and I really really enjoyed this aspect of it! Plus we get to see the other materials utilised too throughout the series.

Plotwise, it’s tense and dramatic. It’s all very neatly set out; Ceony finds herself a little too neatly in the middle of the drama, but for this sort of romp of a series you don’t mind too much. This also meant the cast of the series was quite small; making it hard to believe that the enemy is actually a bigger threat than to just our familiar characters, but it doesn’t matter too much.

There’s also a relationship between Ceony and her mentor Emery, which though quite sweet is a bit uncomfortable too. Because he is her teacher. And he doesn’t take advantage of the situation but… yeah. Still. Not so nice.

But gosh, I would recommend these books heartily to teens and to anyone wanting a good adventure and a bit of fun! Will see if I can get my teen sister to read them…

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