I am MAD EXCITED to read these books!

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It’s not often that I’m really, super, extremely excited to read any book – and now I’ve got four waiting for me! I’ve just got to complete my Lord of the Rings re-read first then I can get stuck in…

Here’s why I’m quite so excited:

1. The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

This book has been out a year or so, and ever since learning that people have likened it to The Night Circus I have been very keen to read it! It finally appeared in the post as a present for my birthday. Hooray!

2. William – An Englishman by Cicely Hamilton

This book looks quite interesting by itself, but I am mainly excited to read it because of the discovery of it’s wonderful publishing house, Persephone books, which I will be posting about very soon!

3. To the Bright Edge of the World by E0wyn Ivey

I absolutely LOVED Ivey’s first book, The Snow Child, and when I saw on twitter that she had another one coming I was very excited! And I’ve been very privileged to be sent an ARC and can’t wait to get stuck in. The Snow Child was incredibly atmospheric, human and magical.

4. The World According to Anna by Jostein Gaarder

I posted before about how I’m almost scared to read this in case it doesn’t live up to my crazy high expectations. I’ve still not ventured, but I will do and soon…

I’ve got such magical reading ahead! Hooray!

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