Everyone should visit Persephone Books in London

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Persephone Press publish brilliant out of print books by female authors in history with class and style.  Their shop was a delight to explore, and I can easily see myself building a collection of these beautiful books!

Their shop, in Bloomsbury, London, is just a small taste of their large internet business which sends books all over the world. It also constitutes the offices for the business, so behind the gorgeous book display is an office, and general activity. Like in the best bookshops, I got the sense that I was around people who sincerely loved books – and beautiful books.

Amongst their titles I found old friends – The Children who Lived in a Barn by Eleanor Graham and others that I had only ever seen in my mother’s battered copies – and discovered new things such as a Noel Streatfield title that I’d never seen before. It made me personally excited – but also it’s brilliant to see women’s writing championed and made widely available.

The design of the books is also a delight. All have a uniform grey cover with the details printed simply – and a number. Persephone Books print a couple of new books a year, and have about 135 in print in total to date. I bought number one – which could be dangerous! Their fly papers, however, have the real beauty. The design is chosen from the year of publication (or thereabouts), is ideally designed by a woman and fits the theme of the book. And you get a matching bookmark to your book with every purchase – hurrah!

I’d highly recommend a visit to the shop if you’re in London, or the website if you’re not! I’ll be reviewing my purchase soon…


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