The three things I noticed on my third read of The Lord of the Rings

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I read Tolkien’s masterpiece first at ten years old, mainly to be able to tell people that I had. I read it again in the fervour and excitement of the films coming out, when my friends were learning elvish, writing in runes and we were writing stories about our lives if we were elves.

I just read it again. And I LOVED it. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it quite so much, but it was utterly fantastic. One of the best things was finding my original imagination seeping through the pictures from the film that were in my head!

Here are three quick things that I noticed this time round:

1. It’s really not that difficult to read.

In fact, it’s immensely readable. I had the idea in my head that it was long and dense and, in the Frodo and Sam sections, a bit dull, but that is completely untrue! I’m sure it’s because I was so young when I read it, but this time I was hooked and I zipped through – I even read the poems and songs.

And the language is just fantastic. I found myself reading aloud certain sentences just because they were so good. I’m not sure if my husband was impressed or not!

2. It’s really like C.S. Lewis in style.

I have always known (and loved) the idea of a connection between the two authors, but never noticed it stylistically before. I just love Lewis’ prose, in Narnia and all the books of his I’ve read. I loved that I could feel the similarities, and be taken a little into their friendship and world.

3. The films are really good.

I’ve always loved the films, but reading the book again showed me how excellently Peter Jackson adapted the book. There are some things missing, certainly, but actually very little. I think the only change I mind is the one at the end… but I won’t spoil it just in case you’ve not read or watched them.

And if you haven’t, you should.

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