Three reasons why reading a book is better than tapping a phone

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Picking up your phone is a new learned habit of our times. If you have a spare two minutes, you’re waiting for a train or your friend has gone to the bathroom, it’s what you do. You check Facebook. You check twitter. You check WhatsApp, Instagram. Or whatever. My friend calls it tip-tapping; just the general stuff that you do.

And it’s all pretty fun. But as a passionate advocate of reading, here are just three reasons why it might be better to pick up a book…

1. Intentionality

Often when I go on my phone I’ll end up forgetting to do whatever it was I meant to do, especially if it was to check the time. If you’re reading a book you’re doing something on purpose; you can choose to read something new, learn something new.

2. Achievement

Once you’ve read a book, you’ve read it. Congratulations! You’ve done something awesome! Of course, you can achieve all sorts of things on your smart phone, but a book is a separate project; an addition to your life rather than the amalgamation of everything that is accessible on your phone.

3. Focus

One of the things that I think has been eroded in our lives is the ability to focus. To think deeply and consistently about one thing at a time. When reading a book you’re much less likely to be interrupted by pesky notifications. I recently deleted the Kindle app from my phone and making an effort to carry my actual Kindle instead and it’s making all the difference!

Plus all the brilliant things like books are awesome, feel nice, smell nice… 

One thought on “Three reasons why reading a book is better than tapping a phone

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Brilliant post! I think everyone is starting to get fed up of phone culture, let’s hope a fresh awakening is happening & your blog post definitely adds 3 very strong arguments – although ironically I’ve received your email, read the post & am now replying on my phone. Just oh so convenient. Hmm… I don’t like the girls seeing me on my phone either, when I’m with them I want to be fully with them. It’s a challenge, but a good one & one I’m starting to embrace (Fb & Instagram are now on my last home page so I only go on them if I’m intending to – a small step in the right direction!) I love reading your blogs, they are always very positive, upbeat & inspiring.

    Lots of love xxxx

    Sent from my iPhone


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