All my favourite books – new RECOMMENDED feature!

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As well as being super fun and awesome, my blog is a project to find awesome books and persuade people to read them.

In honour of this and to help out any of you who are looking for awesome books to read, I’ve made a new page… the RECOMMENDED page! Basically, it will display all the books that I read and LOVE so you can choose from the best, with the latest at the top.

It’s up there, on the menu. Go on, go and check it out! You might find your new favourite book!

Plus, I would ALWAYS love to know if you read anything that I’ve posted about, and what you thought. Please let me know!

One thought on “All my favourite books – new RECOMMENDED feature!

  1. Lists like that are great. Readers, I think, are very cautious. They want to know they’ll like what they read. Your list will let people read your reviews, and if they like what you like, then they can use your list to find new books. Good idea.

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