The pictures tell the story in Charlie and Lola’s Clothes by Lauren Child

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I’m a massive fan of Lauren Child and have been since way before I had a baby and therefore a legitimate reason to read her books. But when I first read this book I was disappointed. It seemed to be a list of clothes, not a story at all, which is always a terrible terrible thing – but soon I realised that actually, the pictures were telling the story.

Here, we see Lola getting ready for her bath, discarding her beautifully and simply illustrated clothes as she heads for that stalwart of the bedtime routine. Children learn the names of everyday items whilst also learning the process of getting undressed, and are reminded of their bath, which surely reminds them of their progress toward bed.

It’s well made, nice size and Kezia enjoyed turning the pages. I love Child’s collage style illustrations and here they are wonderful as ever. We took this book out of the library and really enjoyed it, and I can see us borrowing it again as Kezia learns about clothes and stories more.

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