More fun teen Egyptian melodrama in Recreated by Colleen Houck

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Lily has been trying to adjust to normal life after her gorgeous supernatural, ancient Egyptian boyfriend Amon disappeared to save the world from chaos, but it’s just not working. It comes as a slight relief when the god Anubis turns up at her grandmother’s house to say they need her help again – Amon is trapped in the Netherworld and Lily is the only one who can save him. But it’s not an easy process, and involves becoming a sphinx, a huge change that will affect Lily forever…

I knew exactly what to expect from this book having read and enjoyed the first book. A  action packed teen adventure packed with drama and spirit, plus a load of gorgeous gods and a plucky heroine. It didn’t disappoint, and I think I actually enjoyed this one more. It felt more confident, and focussed more on Lily as a character rather than Amon, which I really enjoyed.

In the first book we focussed mainly on Amon and Lily trying to help him, but hints were dropped throughout that Lily was going to be more important than she realised. Hints that she seemed annoying oblivious to, but were definitely there and interesting me. In this book they started to come through, though still to her they seemed momentary and necessary rather than fated. But as a reader I could see how they fulfil the drips of prophecy that we hear of.

Amon is barely present in this book, being trapped in the netherworld, which gives Lily more of a chance to emerge as her own person, and as something more than that. The play between Lily and her other parts (I don’t want to give too much away) was clever, though a bit confusing and difficult to imagine. It’s the sort of thing where you have to not think too much, but if you’re reading the second book of this series it’s likely that’s something you’re fine with.

I was pleased to read this, and it’s made me even more intrigued for the next (and final?) book of the series. Lily’s fate and circumstances are very interesting indeed!

Dear Hodder and Stoughton, if you keep sending me books like this I’m going to think you like me. Sincere gratitude of course, though the gift has in no way affected my opinions expressed in this review and to anyone who will listen.

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