Beautifully produced and very poetic but really not for me – The Moonstone by Sjon

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Màni Stein lives in Iceland and lives for film. Any time he doesn’t spend with his male clients he spends at the movies, until the Spanish flu hits, and the world around him begins to disintegrate. He drives for a doctor, and tries to make contact with the girl he can’t stop thinking about. 

This was a quick read, but for me that was probably the best thing about it. It was written as a tribute to a dead friend (or grandfather? Or something? Can’t remember) who I think was an historic gay man in Iceland, and as such contained lots and lots of graphic sex scenes, which I definitely prefer not to read.

The language was pretty amazing, and the setting in Iceland in this really interesting time could have been fascinating, (I had really looked forward to learning more about the country) but really this seemed secondary, and I didn’t learn that much. There were some good concepts hidden in there as well, but the constant graphic sex just put me off majorly.

The artwork, and language, and production of the book were impeccable, which made me even more sad that I definitely won’t be keeping it. Or even giving it to anyone.

I have no doubt that some people will love this book, but it really wasn’t for me.

Thanks so much anyway to Sceptre who provided me with the review copy. 

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