Realia – more teen magic, adventure and friendship in Noni’s second instalment

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Alexandra Jennings is back for her second year at Akarnae Academy in the magical world of Medora that she stumbled into by mistake last year. The enemies are still out to get her, the professors to teach her lessons she never thought she’d need to learn, and her friends to support and surprise her along the way. We explore the world more, and understand a bit better what’s going on.

Here we jump straight back into the world and into adventure, with Alexandra once again in danger, in deep with her friends and fighting for what she believes is right. So much so that it hardly seemed like a separate book to the first one (and I’m having a little trouble separating them in my mind) and so, like the first, is basically just tremendous fun.

We’re not looking for depth or meaning or great literary prose here, but good fun, and this it delivers in dollops. The adventure never stops, bouncing from one adventure to the next as Alexandra tries to work out what on earth (or Medora) is going on.

I had a couple of quibbles: her parents now know about Medora but have been sequestered in a section of the library and seem perfectly happy about this and about the fact that Alexandra is constantly in danger. Very convenient though not very believable.

Also the library itself promised to be a massive part of the series in the first series, but hardly appeared here. Even the characters we had got to know well in the library were barely present. That had been one of my favourite bits of the first book so I missed it here!

To make up for that, we explored huge swathes of Medora that we had never seen before: Noni’s imagination seems almost limitless, with plenty of new worlds and areas coming to life in the book. If it’s a seven book series, though, it makes me a bit worried that she’ll have to keep coming up with this much again and again…

This book was also better written than the last book. Better edited, too. So, again I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next instalment…

Thanks so much to the publisher for allowing me to read this in exchange only for my honest review.

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