7 things to add to your book gift to make it the ultimate reading experience

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As I said in my post the five books to buy your reading friends this year, for me there’s nothing quite like getting a book for Christmas. But a few years ago one of my friends went above and beyond and made the whole thing a thousand times better!

Rather than just a book she got me a whole reading experience… a bag with a book, scented candles, chocolates and probably something else that I don’t remember. What a treat! Rather than just a book you are providing your friend with at least one evening’s luxurious, Hygge filled entertainment. Here’s some quick ideas of what to add to your book gift to make it extra special:

1. Book snacks!

Reading and eating is just a beautiful combination. Chocolates are good, or if you know your friend’s favourite snack that’s even better. Popcorn, fruits… whatever!

2. Candles.

I don’t really hugely candles, guys. Or I do, but I actually light them so rarely that it doesn’t really happen. But lots of people do. Especially scented ones. Do it.

3. Smelly bath stuff.

As above. But reading in the bath is fun (if a little dangerous if you’re me.)

4. A cuddly blanket.

Being snug is really important when reading. But surprisingly hard to achieve. You could also go for a cushion or hot water bottle.

5. A soundtrack.

Only if you know your friend’s reading habits really well! Some people prefer silence, some wordless songs.

6. A babysitting pass.

I will look after your children so you can have two whole hours of uninterrupted reading.

7. Spa stuff

Face mask? Gorgeous creams? Or, heck, a spa pass is very welcome here…

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