Last year’s resolutions – a review :S

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Last year I took a risk and made my New Year’s Resolutions very public! It’s beyond time to check back in and see how I’ve done. I’m about to paste the list in and comment. I’m expecting a mixed bag. There are some I definitely didn’t do, but I’m pleased with the effect the ones I did manage have had on my life. Here goes..

Get my blog going again.

This was on and off. To be expected with a baby/toddler, going back to work and doing a million other things. I always wish I was a bit more regular and love it when I have a few weeks scheduled, but it doesn’t happen all the time. I’m pleased I’m still doing this though!

Give away 25 books. 

Oops, forgot this. I’ve given away lots of books because I always do, but probably not this many.

Get an agent for my book. 

Nope. BUT I’ve sent it out to some agents, and that feels like a massive step on it’s own, so I count it as a success.

Wear more hats.

I did great on this! But only in winter – Summer hats and I don’t go.

Wear more lipstick.

I did this! Not loads, but definitely more.

Eat more fish.

I think if I counted, I would certainly have eaten SOME more fish than before, but not loads and loads. We’ll count this as a win.

Work my brain.

Yep! Not only have I read some intellectually stimulating book and really applied my brain to various projects, but I’m currently learning Norwegian on Duolinguo and loving it.

Tweet more.

This probably lasted under a week. Who cares.

Write a poem a month.

I wrote one poem. I called it January’s poem, but I wrote it in February. I’m glad I did it but eleven more would be more awesome!

Be extremely kind.

Not sure you can quantify this anyway!

Interesting! I’m generally pleased with my year last year, though life is so very different and harder to plan now that Kezia is around. This year I’ve got three resolutions, which should be a lot more simple.

How did you do last year? What are your resolutions for this?

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