Five reasons my one year old finds books irresistible.

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I find Kezia playing with books so so much of the time, and when we sit down to read a couple of times a day she absolutely loves it. As do I! It seems so mysterious: what is it that makes them so exciting? I’ve done a quick run down and this is what I reckon:

1. Mummy time

Or Daddy time, or whoever is reading me a story time. We have stories before naps, before bed and often if she’s upset or brings me a book. Kezia is a very busy toddler so I love the time with her sat relaxing on my knee, doing something together and snuggling. And I like to think this is a reason she likes it too!

2. A real world interaction she can manage

Grown ups read books, and since she was very small Kezia could manage to turn the pages, and would do so assiduously. She feels very proud of herself for being able to do something so adult; to have something that she knows exactly what to do with. She loves it when there’s more interaction too: Lift the flap or pop up books are always winners.

3. Pictures

Interesting things to look at, hooray! Bright colours, animals with noises to make, people. Kezia will sometimes sit and laugh to herself as she turns the pages. It often seems to be her fake laugh – but she knows that she is meant to react to the picture on the page. I’m working on getting her to point out different things too.

4. Words

One of Kezia’s very favourite books at the moment is one called ‘Oh Dear’ – because one of her very favourite phrases is ‘Oh Dear.’ She loves saying it along with the story on each page. She doesn’t like books with too many words, but it’s a lovely time for her to hear them. She’ll even speak to herself as she turns the pages on her own sometimes.

5. Mess, sounds, stackability

Kezia’s books are kept in her room. I’ve given up putting them back on the shelf very often, as one of her greatest joys is spreading them all over the floor – as pictured. Thanks, Kezia.


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