This book was like going to Narnia – The Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

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Amani is sick of the small town life she seems destined to live, and the family determined to marry her off. Using her unusual sharpshooting skills she escapes into the desert – and into even more danger. Here she meets magic, a mysterious stranger and the rebel force, and finds herself drawn into what she never knew would be a destiny.

My VERY FAVOURITE THING about this book is that it reminds me so thoroughly of The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis. It’s probably not that similar, but from the very start I was transported to my mental landscape where that book takes place, and I like it there. Hooray! Otherwise, this was a pacy and exciting book without too many original ideas but a thoroughly good mix up of old ones that take you on an exciting adventure.

Amani is a great heroine. She’s not hugely self-aware but goes on a journey of discovery over the course of the novel, finding answers to questions she never even thought to ask in her small town life. Though there’s a good dose of teenage love going on too, friendship is also important which I am always keen on.

We go through lots of dramatic and dangerous circumstances which keep you on the edge of your seat, and the dangers faced seem very real. I first heard of this novel as my friend worked in a coffee shop where Alwyn Hamilton goes, and she was apparently trying to work out how to follow this book with another… and I can see why! It was a BIG novel with a lot happening – though still a lot of mystery and suspense left. Safe to say, having now read the second book, she does just fine!

I read this a while ago so I can’t remember a huge deal more, but I’m going to stick it on my recommended reading nevertheless. It was great!

Profuse thanks to Faber & Faber and to Netgalley for the privilege of reading this book. This has not influenced my review in any way.

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