Tarnished time travel – All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai

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Tom lives in a golden world of amazing technology and father is a genius who just invented time travel. Tom is lazy and does not apply himself, but finds himself on the time travel team – then after the love of his life abandons him, he takes her place and goes back in time. He finds himself in an alternate future – in the world we know. Now it’s up to him to return humanity to the future that we always dreamed of…

Gosh! Time Travel books, eh? So confusing!! This book wasn’t too bad though, and any internal mysteries were cleared up at the end. It was clever – but lacking enough warmth or character connection for me to be emotionally invested in what was happening. It became more like a puzzle than a story; I wanted the intellectual satisfaction of knowing the solution, but was not emotionally involved. Which is perhaps why I’m not very good at puzzles.

My main problem with the book was Tom, our main character. There’s just nothing likeable about him. Through the different timelines he does try to save humanity, and also internally encounters the different versions of himself that exist in these realities. It’s fairly interesting, but I really don’t care about him at all, or his very selfish and self-centred loved for Penelope. I think he was probably meant to be redeeming himself through the book somehow, but it really didn’t wash for me.

The plot and timelines were very clever. Like, really clever, and probably the reason I kept reading. I did really want to know what happened – and it was all very clever and did actually seem to work and to fit. But like other time travel stories, I was left feeling a bit dissatisfied at the end.

I think a part of me also reacted against the idea of a future that humanity was ‘meant’ to have. Obviously this is a fictional world and even the one most like ours is NOT ours, but still.

So yes, if you like time travel books or this kind of thing this is for you. But I don’t think it was hugely for me!

Thanks so much to Netgalley and the publisher for the enormous privilege of reading this book free of charge. It has not in any way affected my review.

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