That terrible, lurking feeling you get when you’re 4/5 through a book…


… and you realise that there’s just no way the story is going to conclude in the chunk of pages still held in your right hand.

I try for as long as possible to believe. I hope for a speedy resolution that will still be satisfying, still enough, that rounds off the plot beautifully and wholly. I try to believe that this is a work in it’s entirety: complete and perfect in it’s single book form.

But no. Too many questions are still unanswered. The story has not yet reached it’s potential scale, the main character is yet to come into their own. My desire for resolution is destined to be delayed. Once again, I have embarked on a longer journey than you had necessarily bargained for, you have been hoodwinked and drawn into a quest that is longer than expected.

I’m going to have to wait for the sequel.

The obvious answer to this is to read back covers of books… but I really don’t like to do this. I don’t like the way they’re written, the expectations they set up or the glimmers of plot they give away.

But perhaps it’s worth it to avoid this scenario. Not that I necessarily don’t want to read more: just that I had thought that I held a complete experience within my hands and now I have to emerge from that world into the real one to continue the adventure. Money may need to change hands. I may need to wait years!

How frustrating. Who knows this feeling??

4 thoughts on “That terrible, lurking feeling you get when you’re 4/5 through a book…

  1. haha my other favorite is when you are 1/5 through a book and completely confused… and then you find out that it’s actually a sequel to another book, even thought here is nothing on the cover or in the description to describe it as such…

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