Still reminding me of Narnia and still a great read – Traitor to the Throne, book 2 from Alwyn Hamilton

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A year after Amani joined the rebels in the desert, she’s become well known as the Blue-Eyed-Bandit and honed her skills in battle and in her magic power. But still, she is captured and imprisoned in the Sultan’s harem, where she is stripped of her powers, her support and her freedom. But plots are thickening in the city and the rebels are determined to reach her – and she is soon embroiled in more plots and works from within for the rebels cause.

It’s been a little while since I read this, so some points are a bit hazy for me: but I know I really enjoyed it. As I commented on the first instalment, to me it feels like an expanded study on sections of The Horse and His Boy, which makes it hugely attractive to me! Remember flashes of it and writing this makes me want to read it again – so that’s definitely a win!

I was pleased that the setting changed here. The first book was based firmly and only in the desert and the rebel camp; and I think had it continued we would have been quite bored. But here is a new landscape, new dangers and new characters to navigate, which was satisfying.

The time gap was a little strange. In one sense Amani has grown and changed and learned so much during that time; but in others she still seems remarkably out of the loop. She probably had to be separated from her friends to create the necessary tension for the book; but it is a little frustrating when she is portrayed as a bit clueless still when she obviously has come so far. And then the relationships, too, don’t seem to have advanced quite a year in trust etc – but perhaps I’m putting too high expectations on what is essentially teenage love.

The adventure and the plot here are fantastic, with secrets and mysteries and action aplenty. New and old characters twist and turn around each other, revealing unknown depths, strengths and weaknesses. Amani must grow and develop again to face the new challenges. The world she thought she knew proves more complex than it seemed.

This is a good series. Not stellar: I don’t think many people will be reading it in ten years time. But it’s a good, solid, enjoyable teen trilogy and far better than lots of the more popular ones. If there are any reading teens in your life or you’re that way disposed these are a good choice!

You can view and buy Rebel of the Sands (Rebel of the Sands Trilogy) on Amazon by clicking the link.

Thank you so much to the publisher for sending a free copy to review, it in no way affected my opinions stated above. If you buy this book or something else on Amazon after clicking this link I will receive a very small percentage of the price.

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