A fantastic concept overtaken by a boring romance – City Of Circles by Jess Richards

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Danu is a part of the circus. Her life has been beset by tragedy and mystery, and when they visit the City of Circles, a city split into levels that spins, the mystery only deepens: there is something here for her. Meanwhile Morrie at the circus has been teaching her to tightrope dance, and has been falling deeply in love with her. She must decide to pursue romance or the mystery of her family, and either way she feels she will lose out.

I was really excited about the concept of this book and the mystery at it’s heart: the City of Circles, and the main character’s story and origin. The circle was a nice place to start, the characters interesting – but the start dragged on for far too long. She stayed in the circus for too long: she stayed with Morrie for far far too long and the bit I’d been waiting for, the bit that really felt like the story getting started, didn’t happen until the very last section of the book.

The romance was just so annoying. You know if your friend is with a guy who’s a bit of a drip and you just know they should end it? That’s what the whole thing was like. It was so clear that he wasn’t the main thing in the story, and he wasn’t even very likeable, so the endless parts of their story just went on and on. The main character didn’t seem like the sort of person to be held back by something like that. I suppose she did have a messed up life and here was stability and love, but still. It did not make for a good book.

The magic, the mystery of her past and the city were brilliant. It’s the only reason I kept reading, and when it came it satisfied; I was hooked and interested.

I’m pretty sure this is the first of a series, hence the drawn out beginning, but it’s difficult to believe this made it through agents and editors and still is this way. If the way the book was put together continues I’m not sure I’d read a sequel, even though I’m really intrigued to find out what happened.

Did anyone else read this? What did you think?

Thanks so much to the publishers for the review copy!

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