A refreshingly paced read full of humanity and heart – Here We Are Now by Jasmine Warga

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Taliah gave up on her father long ago: he never responded to any of her letters, and he’s a rock star. But one day the famous Julian Oliver turns up on her doorstep to whisk her away, not only to get to know him but her whole family. With her mother ignorant and out of the country Taliah has only a three days to find out where she came from, and why she’s never known him before.

This book was great! Probably my favourite thing about it was that the whole story, a fairly short novel, took place over only three days. We journeyed with Taliah in (much closer to) realtime, with each encounter and moment, not missing a conversation or encounter. I don’t remember when I last read a book like that, and I really enjoyed it.

Plot-wise, it wasn’t groundbreaking, but still enjoyable as Taliah found out the story of her parents, and navigates her own relationship with them, as well as her new family, her best friend who she’s dragged along for the ride and the nice young man that she meets too. It had just about enough drama to keep going, but stopped from ever becoming too much, which was probably necessary for the timeframe, but made it a pleasant experience.

The one concession it makes to telling things as they happen is delving into Taliah’s parents love story – but as this is all told through Julian Oliver’s dialogue, it doesn’t break the bubble and probably stops it from being too claustrophobic.

Taliah was a good main character, dealing with things that anyone and especially teenagers (target audience) can identify with: navigating friendship, working out who she is and where she comes from, and where her loyalties lie. 

I thoroughly liked this book. I think you’d like it too. Try?

Thanks so much for the review copy, oh publishers, it was a delight.

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