IMG_9411 TwitterFacebookPinterest Hello! I’m Anna, and this is my book blog; where I can discover and review wonderful literature. A well written, well structured book that envelops you into it’s world is one of the greatest joys of my life, and talking about it afterwards is almost as good. But finding those books is a bit more difficult. I’m hoping that this blog will help me and any readers to find books that they adore and can’t stop talking about.

I like and read lots of different sorts of books; but my very favourite tend to be ones that take me into a world other than my own; whether historical, fantasy or fairy tale. I enjoy picking things to pieces; and will do that in this blog. So even books that I loved will probably have some criticism too. Types of books I like, in no particular order; classic, fantasy, young adult, crime, historical, fairy tale, literary fiction, children’s, adventure, mystery.

ALSO I’m a bit of a prude! I don’t like things with lots of swearing, sex or things that are extremely dark. 

My quest for literary excellence extends to writing my own. I’m writing a novel currently, and it’s got further than my previous attempts which is exciting. I decided to write something that would be really fun, so it’s a young adult adventure set in Victorian England. I like writing short stories and poems and plays too, and you can read some of these on my writing page.

I live in London, the greatest city in the world. I grew up here (for a bit) and went to Sheffield University to study English Literature. I stuck around there for a Print Journalism masters, and because I had found both the wonderful Hope City Church and the extremely handsome Aidan Roberts. I’m 28, now alliteratively married to Aidan, mother to baby Kezia, the eldest of five fantastic siblings, aunt to two and cousin to many.

Aidan and I moved to London early 2014 to be a part of of Hope City Church London, a church plant in Shoreditch. It’s an exciting adventure and we love building a church crammed full of creativity and awesome people living out God’s brilliant plans for their lives. My other interests include: cooking, eating, exploring, films, creativity, people, swimming, Scotland and colours.

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    1. Thanks so much Anastasia! I’m so glad you enjoy my posts. I don’t think I know enough bloggers yet to do awards but I think I’m going to do a recommended post soon instead :)

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks so much! I don’t know many bloggers very well yet so I probably won’t participate but I’ll be posting a list of recommended bloggers soon I think… keep up your awesome posts!

    1. Thanks Jacob! Sorry for the reaaaallly slow reply. Following ten blogs a day is a LOT – good luck with that and thanks so much for including me :)

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