The four things that make me keep a book forever.

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When we moved to London, we threw out SO MUCH STUFF. We thought we’d be moving into a pocket-sized apartment, and planned accordingly. It was hugely refreshing, and though we ended up moving somewhere way bigger than we had expected it made me determined to keep throwing things out.

I’m a natural hoarder, so this was a big step for me – and particularly when it comes to books. I have always had stuffed shelves, but I resolved that from now on, particularly since I get so many books these days, I will only keep them if they fulfil one of these particular criteria:

Why can I only find these two great literary apps?

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The world of literature has always evolved, changed, innovated and experimented. And so I have been hoping over the last few years that with apps popping up all over the place, we’d be treated to some new, exciting and experimental literature. Telling stories in new ways, using words in new ways.

But so far, I’ve only seen it done well in these two apps:

HOW DO THEY DO IT? Jane Austen Improv that blew my mind!

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Mr Pickett, a rather girly young man with a penchant for flowers, has fallen desperately in love with new arrival to Bath Clarissa Fences. She is desperately allergic to flowers, but nevertheless after a disastrous first meeting they reconvene at a bridge of flowers, only for her to be kidnapped by the notorious White brothers, one of whom she recently and scandalously married at a ceremony of dubious validity. Her Welsh, arsonist’s widow aunt Carmine, Mr Pickett and his sister Caroline all team together to find her, happily unharmed, but the White brothers who own all the newspapers have him thrown into jail. Happily our strange trio band together again, bust him out and then Mr Pickett and Mr White have a noble thumb war to the death, and the lovebirds are finally united.

I went out without my baby. I went to the THEATRE without my baby. Before the incredible theatre experience that was HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD which I’ll post about soon, I went out with my university friends to see an improvised Jane Austen play. And I’ll be honest, I had doubts. I’ve seen comedy adaptations of classical works before that have left me frustrated and disapproving. And really any adaptations are a risky game in my book. But Austentatious (company and show name) were just FANTASTIC!!

This book was what I hoped ‘The Miniaturist’ would be like – The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley

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Thaniel Steepleton finds a mysterious watch in his lodgings. He keeps it, wondering at it’s provenance, until it rescues him from an explosion. He tracks down the owner, the intriguing Keita Mori, and the police ask him to keep an eye on him. Taking a room at the strange watchmaker’s house he finds secrets that bewilder him. Meanwhile, Grace Carrow, a brilliant young woman, disguises herself as a man to be able to study, and fights against the future that her family and society proscribe for her…

I saw this book advertised for absolutely ages before I got it. And I really wanted to read it but was worried that I would be disappointed, like with The Miniaturist. But I really wasn’t! It was a terrific tale full of intrigue, adventure, mystery and clockwork and I loved it. I so enjoyed the strange characters that we met, the way the story unfolded and diving into a world so like ours but with small additions.


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We booked it forever ago, but it is finally the day! My secondary school friends and I are all once again meeting up to do something Harry Potter. These are the people I queued at midnight with, took flying pictures with and more.

I’m beyond excited. I suppose this sort of thing is mixing our generation’s obsession with experience with our obsession with Harry Potter. Here is the chance to have a literally one of a kind experience.

I desperately hope it’s good. I hope it’s not too much about Harry and more about his kids. I hope I can follow what is going on. I hope I’ve not forgotten all about Harry Potter (kidding. no way). I hope I don’t miss my baby too much to enjoy it.

I hope I can find some interesting things to say afterwards without any spoilers.

Here goes!

Where are the Mums in books? Like seriously.

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I had a baby! Almost eight months ago now. I’m still pretty proud of myself. And totally overcome still by how wonderful Kezia is. But when I come to connect my new parental status with my life in literature I am suddenly hit with a problem. It seems that mothers are hugely absent from books – in almost all stories they are either dead or completely useless.

The Case for Libraries by two of my top authors

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The battle for libraries is on! Obviously, I think they’re magical, excellent, exciting and necessary places (see my joy when I registered to my local library) and I really hope that they don’t disappear.

Two of my very favourite authors (unsurprisingly) agree, and have written wonderful pieces in their defence in The Guardian. They’re really interesting referring to reading in general, the imagination and the writing process as well. Read them below:

WHAT AM I DOING?? #experimonth

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This April I’m participating in EXPERIMONTH run my my church Hope City – taking up something brand new just for the month! Creating, learning, or doing something you’ve never done before! And for some insane reason…. I decided TO MAKE A RAP VIDEO!

I mean, it’s just like poetry right? Can’t be that hard. Right?!

Sadly I told too many people about it to pull out now. So far I’ve written about half the lyrics – I’ve got a lot to do!

Why not join me and do something new this month?

I am MAD EXCITED to read these books!

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It’s not often that I’m really, super, extremely excited to read any book – and now I’ve got four waiting for me! I’ve just got to complete my Lord of the Rings re-read first then I can get stuck in…

Here’s why I’m quite so excited: