My ten resolutions for 2016!

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   It’s 2016. Wowzer! Since starting to write my resolutions today I’ve got pretty excited about this year. It’s got a lot of unknown in it, but I have a feeling it’s going to be marvellous! When writing resolutions I choose ones that will make me feel happy, not put on pressure and will inspire me to do awesome things. Some of these are book related, some are not. Here goes!

The most fun I’ve had in a magical world for some time – Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

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African Zacharias Wythe is the new Sorcerer Royal to England – but after the mysterious disappearance of his master, the old sorcerer royal, there are more reasons than the colour of his skin that the rest of the magical world do not like him. Add into this the secret steady disappearance of magic, angry and dangerous foreign wizards, and a girl who wields incredible magical skill and power despite women being forbidden to do so and you have the set up for an extremely good book!

I really loved this book! It was tremendous fun to read from beginning to end, with a gripping plot, fantastic characters and a world set up that was simply fantastic. There was action and adventure in bucket loads and just about everything that you need for an amazing magical story. Even writing about it makes me want to re-read!

Following Alice Underground – my most magical, bizarre, amazing theatre experience ever!

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I’ve been wanting to see Alice Underground for a very long time. Hearing people who had been rave about it made me finally bite the bullet, and get tickets for last week. They were £35, which is a lot to spend on an evening out – but they were totally worth it and more. The show is only on until the end of THE WEEK – if you’re in London and can go you MUST!

I’m on the radio! Talking all about books and blogging…

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My awesome friend Luchia interviewed me for her radio show This Fine Social Scene which airs on East London radio. It was such fun talking about books and blogs etc – though more nerve wracking listening back to it! She also interviews a great guy who runs a print shop doing real prints.

I’m so glad this book won the Pulitzer Prize – All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

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Marie-Laure is left blind by disease, navigating her world by her father’s loving and careful instruction and the intricate, tiny models he makes to show her the way. Werner’s fascination with radio leads to his being taken to a Nazi training academy and into a career he can’t quite clear with his conscience. Their journeys and the journey of a cursed and extremely valuable jewel lead them on intriguing courses which eventually converge.

I really enjoyed this book. It managed to retain a beauty, innocence and fascination and humanity in the midst of a very real portrayal of war and horror. It was long, but I didn’t mind; each story as they were told was separately fascinating and enthralling. They didn’t converge as much as I expected; but it turned out that it didn’t really matter.

Five things I love about writing a book blog (because I missed by blog birthday!)

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 SO I just discovered that my first ever blog post was on the 12th June 2014. I had thought it was later but never mind. I have been blogging for over a year! It took me a few months of considering before I took the plunge, but I can remember starting to write and an excitement and enjoyment starting to bubble inside me. It’s been an incredible adventure and I am constantly excited about what is happening next.

Here are five of the things I love about writing this book blog:

Five easy ways to get ideas for stories – quick writing tips!

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This really isn’t something that I struggle with usually – the balance tends to be more just deciding which ideas to focus on in my writing time. I do know, however, the blankness of having no idea of where to start – here are five of the places that I get inspiration:

Elaborate stories and characters weave in a London mystery – Theft of Life by Imogen Robertson

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When a former West Indies planter is found dead and clad in a mask used to punish slaves out on the street, a black boy is promptly arrested. But Harriet Westerman and Mr Crowther with promptings from servant and former slave William Geddings (who has secrets of his own) think there is more to the death than meets the eye. Meanwhile Francis Glass, another freed slave and a printmaker, is shocked when the woman he loves is killed – and when he realises that there are deep secrets threatening to be revealed that powerful slave traders want to keep secret.

As you can tell from the summary, there is a lot going on in this book! Various mysteries unwind around each other, touching each other at the edges, the complex characters presented revealing secrets and connections as we follow on through. Though I was a little thrown at the start of the book to find that it is in the middle of a series, after a little perseverance I found myself engrossed.

Real London Adventures: Hidden City Treasure hunts

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Hidden City Treasure hunts text you clues, sending you racing around both well known and well hidden mysteries of London, solving cryptic clues and racing other teams past and present to be the quickest to the final destination.

I have done three of these treasure hunts now, and they are JUST BRILLIANT. From the moment the first clue comes you feel like you’re in a Dan Brown novel, following mysterious clues against the clock!

The Globe and the Bard strike again – fantastic cheap London theatre!

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We went to the Globe! This is one of my very, very favourite things to do in London. You can get tickets to stand in the Yard for just £5, which puts you right in the middle of the action. From the enthusiastic staff to the exquisite theatre and watching the sky darken above you as the play unfolds, in all it makes a totally magical experience.

We saw The Merchant of Venice, which I’d never seen live before. It was a fantastic production with great performances and imagination, impressive staging and great moments. This play shows Shakespeare’s incredible ability to combine what is a terribly serious and sad topic – Shylock’s story – with silly and fun love stories, and not really to any story’s detriment.